This website is pretty new. I mean, I have had the domain for years, but the site you are looking at now is new. There is not a whole lot of content yet.

The site is functional, but I do not consider it to be done yet. Don't be surprised if you see some minor changes between visits. I am developing the site in Python, meaning that Python scripts are generating every page that you see. There are no "static" HTML pages; all of the HTML is being generated by the Python scripts running on the web server. The site's presentation is being done solely by CSS. There is no Javascript being run by your browser to help format the pages. Lastly, there are no cookies being used by this site. Why should there be? I have no need to track your individual browsing session.

Please stay tuned for more content to show up.

Update 6-20-19:

On the script pages, and where scripts are embedded in articles, you can now use the "See script output" link to run the script, verbatim, on an isolated AWS instance! Try it!

Thanks for visiting,

Adam Fosbenner